Black High Gloss Plinth Thorens TD160 MKI


After some hardwoods, I wanted to try something different for my Thorens. All of my equipment is black, so I wanted to create a plinth with a high gloss black finish.

I have created this plinth from MDF, total thickness of the MDF is 33mm. Routed some nice rounded corners to it, made the holes for the outputs on the back and gave everything proper sanding. After a primer layer the whole plinth was sprayed with a 2K car paint. Ultimate high gloss!

Did some modifications to the Thorens also, like the new black front plate, new plexiglas cover and a customized logo on the front of the plinth.

Berrie van den Hoofdakker
Wijchen, The Netherlands

Woodworking matters. It's more than a hobby—being a woodworker means that you know the satisfaction and pride that comes from using your hands and mind to build beautiful, functional objects and that you're as interested in the process as the outcome. Amid the speed and chaos of the modern world, woodworking gives us a place where we can slow down, pay attention and take the time to do things right.